Connecting European Facilities (CEF II)

Connecting European Facilities (CEF) is an EU funding programme. It supports economic growth, employment and competitiveness through specific investments in European infrastructure in the key areas of energy, transport and digitalisation. The ultimate goal of CEF is to further expand, modernise and advance the trans-European network. After the summer break, the next seven-year phase (2021-2027) will begin in September. The CEF2 Call is aligned very closely with the goals of the Green Deal. Climate protection and sustainability are particularly relevant topics. 60% of the total amount will be awarded to projects that support these climate goals and quickly lead to zero-emission mobility (“zero pollution”). This aims to make the EU the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. In addition to environmental protection, the topic of intelligent mobility and digitalisation (smart mobility) plays a significant role. The EU supports the development of the Trans-European Transport Network by providing funding. Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH has its core competences in the energy and transport sector.

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