Construction of a port gate at Port of Albern/Vienna

Vienna / Austria | CEF Transport | 2019-AT-TM-0183-W 

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The Hafen Wien GmbH is the operator of the three Vienna Danube ports Freudenau, Albern and Lobau. Around 1,200 cargo ships are handled in all three freight ports together every year.

Building materials, agricultural products and steel products are typically handled goods in the port of Albern. This makes the port of Albern one of the most important locations for grain handling in eastern Austria.

The construction of a port gate is necessary to protect the port of Albern against flooding and thus to continue operation in a central hub of the trans-European transport network. The last flood event in June 2013, occured heavy flood damage and a completly shutdown.


2019-AT-TM-0183-W Requested Funding Recommended Funding
Total eligible costs: 18.85 mio. Euros 18.85 mio. Euros
Funding: 3.8 mio. Euros 3.8 mio. Euros
EU support: 20% 20%

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