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Toulouse / France

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High Connectivity via 5G – Hi5

Toulouse Métropole and Alsatis as network provider execute a joint project “High Connectivity via 5G – Hi5” for the introduction of 5G services in the Toulouse metropolitan area, focusing on five use cases with high potential for scaling up:

  • “City Services” – enhancing the abilities of authorities in the areas of traffic management and supervision of public space
  • “Event Connectivity” – focusing on the need to flexibly deploy recording and communication equipment during outdoor events
  • “Mobility Lab” – offering area-wide access to net-based services with ultra high speed for start-ups and small enterprises
  • “Education” – taking teaching and academic research at the University of Blagnac to a new level
  • “High-speed video data offloading” – making the public transport in the metropolitan area safer and more user friendly

Hi5 is taking the innovation within the metropole area  one step further, underlining Toulouse’s standing as leading European technology region.  All 5G uses demonstrated have the potential for Europe-wide application.