29/08/2022 – SYMBIOS Senior Consultant Dr. Florian Margan met the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in Bled, Slovenia

Symbios met Ursula von der Leyen

Topics of the conversation with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen were the current Energy Crisis in Europe and the the development of renewable energies for Europe to enable the energy transition. The fruitful meeting took place during the Bled Strategic Summit.

31/06/2022 – SYMBIOS @ Connecting Europe Days 2022 in Lyon, France

From 28 to 30 June, SYMBIOS presented its work and two of its many successful funding projects at the Connecting Europe Days in Lyon. This event, formerly known as TEN-T Days and organized by the European Commission, is Europe’s mobility flagship event and celebrated its 10th edition this year.

Torsten Heid, Managing Director of SYMBIOS, welcomed politicians, industry representatives and members of the European Commission at the stand to have fruitful talks about past and upcoming CEF projects. Together with three SYMBIOS staff members and three representatives of DB Netz AG he informed the visitors about SYMBIOS’ various activities and particularly about the projects “RTW – Regionaltangente West” in Frankfurt/Main and the new suburban railway “S4” in Hamburg.

It was a pleasure and an honour to welcome – among many other high-ranking visitors – Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility in Hamburg. He had come to Lyon to participate in a panel about “Urban Nodes” and to have several meetings about Hamburg’s role in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

24/05/2022 – SYMBIOS receives for the fourth time an award for innovation

Innovative through research

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH receives award for its sustainable commitment to innovation from the German Stifterverband.

28/04/2022 – SYMBIOS Senior Consultant Dr. Florian Margan visited the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Prague

Turkish Ambassador Egemen Bagis

The conversation with his Excellency Egemen Bagis was about the participation of Turkish companies in geothermal projects in the Czech Republic and Croatia. Also part of the conversation was the involvement of the University of Istanbul in the project of Hydrogen and New Technologies of the University of Brno, whose Memorandum was signed with the city of Brno, large state-owned companies and Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH.

23/02/2022 – Symbios and a delegation of the City of Brno (Public transport Authority, Municipal utility and University) visited the KIT Energy Lab 2.0 in Karlsruhe

Energy Lab KIT

CEF2 Call 2021
CEF2 Proposals per topic

19/01/2022 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH submitted 22 CEF2 project proposals with a total investment volume of about € 2.9 billion in the 2021 CEF2 Transport call for their clients in January 2022

25/10/2021 – Memorandum of Cooperation with the City of Brno

Memorandum of Cooperation with the City of Brno

The Czech city of Brno and SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH signed a Memorandum of Cooperation covering joint activities for the development of sustainable energy, transport and environmental protection, including the establishment of the European Institute for Hydrogen and New Technologies based in Brno.

27/09/2021 – Start of the new CEF2 seven-year (2021-2027) funding period

CEF2 Logo

The CEF2 Call is aligned very closely with the goals of the Green Deal. Climate protection and sustainability are particularly relevant topics. 60% of the total amount will be awarded to projects that support these climate goals and quickly lead to zero-emission mobility (“zero pollution”). This aims to make the EU the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. In addition to environmental protection, the topic of intelligent mobility and digitalisation (smart mobility) plays a significant role. The EU supports the development of the Trans-European Transport Network by providing funding.

16/08/2021 – During the CEF I funding period from 2014 to 2021, Symbios successfully submitted 46 projects

Acquisition Symbios CEF I English

In the sector of rail transport, the most projects were solicited. We submitted a total of five project applications for Deutsche Bahn and six for ÖBB. In addition, there were applications for SNCF and AKIEM. The applications were concerned financial support for construction (for example, for electrification) as well as for studies.

For the ports, 20 funding projects were submitted. Most of the clients come from Europe but also from the French overseas territory la Réunion. We also assisted two airports, Stuttgart and Budapest, in applying for funding. In Budapest, the project was to connect a railway line to Budapest Airport. When it comes to energy, there was a major cross-border project between Spain and France ; it was about the expansion of an electricity connection between the two countries. It involves a submarine interconnection through the Atlantic.

In the road transport sector, we submitted three project applications for the Austrian client ASFINAG.

Now we are looking forward to the projects and challenges that await us during CEF2.

09/07/2021 – DB Netze, ÖBB and the Symbios team are delighted to announce that four further studies for railway projects have been successfully supported by European CEF funding

ÖBB Infra Logo
DB Netze Logo

The first project is the expansion of the Frankfurt railway node. In order to cope with the growing volume of trains in the future, the expansion and modernisation of Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt am Main Süd is necessary.

The second project is taking place in the Hamburg urban region. Currently, there is a conflict between rail freight traffic from the port of Hamburg and local and long-distance traffic. The planned construction of a a double-track underpass for rail freight traffic is intended to eliminate the bottleneck.

The third project will enable travellers to travel effortlessly from Vienna Airport to the main railway station in Budapest and to Bratislava-Petržalka by means of a direct train connection.

The last project deals with the extension of the northern railway section on Austrian territory (section Vienna-Süßenbrunn to the Austrian-Czech border at Bernhardsthal) – a route of about 70 km in length with 17 stations. The studies also actively support the realisation of a high-speed line between Berlin – Prague – Vienna.

CEF Proposals 2021
Contribution per topic

22/03/2021 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH submitted 7 CEF project proposals with a total investment volume of about € 70 million in the 2020 CEF Transport MAP call for their clients in March 2021

12/03/2021 – Agreement on the Connecting Europe Facility to fund greener, more sustainable transport and energy networks, and digitalisation

CEF Programme Logo

The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) proposal, worth €33.7 billion, as part of the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027. The Connecting Europe Facility programme supports investment in Europe’s transport, energy and digital infrastructure networks. It will support the twin green and digital transition, by contributing to the ambitious targets for the European Green Deal and the Digital Decade.

26/01/2021 – Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH participates in four submissions of the latest H2020 call

European Green Deal Logo

Symbios is member of four consortia of the call “Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal”, whose proposals were successfully submitted yesterday. For three of them, part of the Grant “Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility”, Symbios has also prepared and coordinated the proposal’s draft and submission.

20/12/2020 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH supports Port of Aarhus, Copenhagen Malmö Port, Port of Helsinki and Stockholm in the project management of the CEF-project “Coordinated supply of onshore power in the Baltic seaports“

The four Baltic seaports of Aarhus (Denmark), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) form a strategic consortium to promote the shift towards a low emission transport system by providing onshore power (OPS) to RoPax and passenger vessels during their stay in port. OPS reduces the environmental impact of national and international ships in port.

31/08/2020 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH is co-financed in the MoS cold ironing project

EALING Global Project

The EALING Global Project, European flagship action for cold ironing in TEN-T Maritime Ports, expresses the need to accelerate efforts to tackle climate change, improve Ports’ safety and performance, assist shifting to more Clean Energy of the Maritime Transport Services provided at the port areas and meet the new conditions derived from the technological disruption towards electrification. This first EALING Action proposes a concrete approach towards the establishment of a suitable framework regarding the transition into electrification for a plethora of European TEN-T maritime ports.

CEF Logo English

28/04/2020 – SYMBIOS receives for the third time an award for innovation

Forschung und Entwicklung Preis 2018
Innovative through research

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH receives award for its sustainable commitment to innovation from the German Stifterverband.

28/02/2020 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH submitted 18 CEF project proposals with a total investment volume of about € 644 million in the 2019 CEF Transport MAP call for their clients in February 2020.

2019 CEF Transport MAP call

The following figure shows the precentages based on the investment volume of the 18 submitted proposals in different priorities and traffic modes.

Project Brenner-Nordzulauf

30/10/2019 – ÖBB and DB commission Symbios Funding und Consulting GmbH with the creation of a CEF-proposal for the crossborder railway section “Brenner-Nordzulauf”

EU Micro-mobility Conference 2019

14/10/2019 – SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH attended to the EU Micro-mobility Conference in Ljubljana

07/10/2019 – EU Director-General for Mobility and Transport Mr Henrik Hololei has congratulated SYMBIOS for the successful CEF-proposal of the Elenger LNG Bunker vessel during the Digital Transport Days in Helsinki

EU Director-General Mobility and Transport Mr Henrik Hololei
LNG Bunker Schiff

CEF-Clients 2019

27/09/2019 – The CEF-Committee approved the financial support for 6 proposals submitted by SYMBIOS on behalf of 5 different European infrastructure operators

08/08/2019 – Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH submitted a CEF application regards to a French-German crossborder railway project on behalf of SNCF

SNCF Réseau Logo

The proposed Action targets the rail section Strasbourg-Lauterbourg, on the French side of the French-German railway line Strasbourg-Wörth (Alsace / Rhineland-Palatinate), and consists of the preparation of the renewal works.

01/08/2019 – Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH applies for CEF funding for two cross-border projects on behalf of ÖBB Infra

ÖBB Infra Logo

ÖBB Infra plans to electrify two railway lines in the cross-border section Austria / Hungary. The electrification of both routes will sustainably improve the cross-border rail transport between Austria / Hungary.


Brest region (Brittany)

18/07/2019 – Symbios Funding & Consulting and Abington Advisory create a strategy for better integration of the Brest region (Brittany) into the trans-European transport network (TEN-T)

10/07/2019 – Symbios Funding & Consulting supports the Burgenland (State of Austria) in the EU public consultation for the cross-border railway project “GrenzBahn”

Burgenland Logo
Interreg Austria-Hungary Logo

The open public consultation for the evaluation of the TEN-T Guidelines has been launched by the European Commission. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.


CEF Programme Logo

24/04/2019 – Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH submitted on behalf of 5 different clients 7 applications in the CEF Call 2019

Missing Railway Links Conference
interreg Oberrhein Logo

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH had the opportunity to present the “GrenzBahn” cross-border railway project during the “Missing railway links conference” in Brussels in April 2019.

01/02/2019 – The Port Saint Malo awards Symbios Funding & Consulting and Abington Advisory with the preparation of a CEF applications in 2019

Ports Normands Associés Logo

21/12/2018 – The Ports of Normandy Authority awards Symbios Funding & Consulting and Abington Advisory with the preparation of two CEF applications in 2019

22/10/2018 – SYMBIOS receives for the second time an award for innovation

Forschung und Entwicklung Preis 2018
Innovative through research

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH receives award for its sustainable commitment to innovation from the German Stifterverband.

27/09/2018 – Symbios prepared the second succesful CEF application for the TwinPort Helsinki/Tallinn

TwinPort Logo

Die SYMBIOS prepared on behalf of the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn the second succesful CEF application for the ferry operation between the two capitals.

25/04/2018 – SYMBIOS has be attending the TEN-T Days in Ljubljana in Slovenia

The EU Commissioner Ms Violeta Bulc responsible for transport has visited the exhibition stand of SYMBIOS Funding & Consulting GmbH during the TEN-T Days 2018 in Ljubljana.

25/01/2018 – INELFE will get €578 million EU support for the Biscay Gulf France-Spain interconnection


Symbios has supported INELFE (Joint-Venture between RTE/REE – France/Spain ) successfully in the preparation of a CEF application for the the Biscay Gulf France-Spain interconnection. A new electricity link will better integrate the Iberian Peninsula into the internal electricity market.