Connecting European Facilities (CEF)

CEF Programme LogoConnecting European Facilities (CEF) is an european funding programme to boost economic growth, jobs and competitiveness through the investment of european infrastructure in the fields of energy, transport and digitalization.
CEF will benefit europeans as it easens transport and makes it more sustainable, as well as it enhances the energy sector through more security and more renewable energy.

For a successful strengthening of the EU as a habitat of over 500 million people in 28 countries, the development of an efficient trans-European transport network for road, rail, water and air is of crucial importance. In 2025, the trans-European transport system will cover 89,500 km of roads and 94,000 km of railways while the number of airports will increase up to approx. 400.

The European Union supports the transportation area and logistics sector through corresponding grants. By means of providing grants, the European Union endeavours to contribute significantly to the improvementof growth potential within the Euopean Community.

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH has its core competences in the energy and transport sector.

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