Financing Consulting

Integrated financial solution for infrastructure projects

Integrated financial solutions are essential for success of infrastructure projects. They provide comprehensive funding by accessing a variety of sources, including debt, grants, and subsidies. This ensures adequate capitalization and reduces reliance on equity. Furthermore, these solutions facilitate effective risk management by diversifying funding sources and incorporating risk mitigation tools such as insurance and guarantees. This helps protect against unforeseen events and enhances project resilience. Additionally, integrated financial solutions optimize the cost structure of financing by selecting the most cost-effective sources of capital for each project component. This minimizes overall financing costs and improves project profitability.

Our consulting services

Firstly, SYMBIOS will analyse the project with the financial demand and create a tailored financing solution to cover all project costs under consideration of debt, grants, and subsidies. After client consultation, SYMBIOS enable a first contact with potential financing institute, as well as prepare grand based funding applications. SYMBIOS will give advice from the project planning phase to implementation phase, to cover appearing financial needs.