Connecting European Facilities (CEF) Transport

CEF Transport LogoCEF Transport is a funding mechanism created by the European Union to promote the development of sustainable, efficient, and interconnected transport infrastructure across the EU. It seeks to support the creation of a Single European Transport Area, which would facilitate the free movement of people and goods by improving the connectivity, resilience, and environmental performance of transport networks.

To achieve these objectives, CEF Transport provides funding for a range of transport infrastructure projects, including those related to railways, roads, inland waterways, and maritime transport. The focus is on supporting corridors and nodes within European TEN-T Network that are essential for the functioning of the EU’s transport system and contribute to the development of a fully integrated transport network.

In addition to funding physical infrastructure projects, CEF Transport also supports the deployment of innovative technologies and services that improve the safety, security, and environmental performance of transport. This includes CEF Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) to promote the use of alternative fuels, such as electricity and hydrogen, and to develop intelligent transport systems that use digital technologies to optimize transport operations and enhance user experience.

By investing in transport infrastructure and promoting the deployment of innovative technologies and services, CEF Transport plays a crucial role in advancing the EU’s transport policy objectives. These include reducing carbon emissions and promoting the transition to sustainable and low-carbon transport, promoting modal shift to more sustainable modes of transport, and improving the accessibility and connectivity of transport networks, especially in less-developed regions of the EU. In this way, CEF Transport contributes to the development of a more sustainable, efficient, and interconnected transport system that supports economic growth and social cohesion across the EU.

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