Tendering/Procurement Consulting

Tendering/Procurement for public funding

Public tendering/procurement is fundamental to obtain public funding, in particular from EU institutions. It serves as a cornerstone of transparent governance by establishing clear processes for the selection of suppliers and contractors, thereby minimizing the risks of favoritism, corruption, and nepotism.

By fostering competition among suppliers and contractors, public tendering drives down costs and ensures that funding institutions and clients receive the best value for their money. This competitive environment encourages innovation and quality improvement as vendors strive to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Our consulting services

SYMBIOS will support the public tendering/procurement process to create a selection process to meet EU requirements and make a supplier selection in accordance with clients demand and EU regulatory.

Furthermore, SYMBIOS gives advice to uphold the rule of law by ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of tendering/procurement activities. By following established procedures and standards, it’s possible to mitigate the risk of legal challenges and maintain public trust and confidence in the integrity of the public funding.