Connecting European Facilities (CEF) Digital

CEF DigitalCEF Digital is a part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) that focuses specifically on the development of digital infrastructure and services. Its aim is to enable the delivery of cross-border digital public services, such as e-procurement, e-invoicing, and e-justice, by providing technical solutions that facilitate interoperability and standardization.

CEF Digital supports the development and deployment of common European digital infrastructures, such as eID and eSignature, which enable citizens and businesses to access online services securely and seamlessly across borders. It also supports the development of digital service infrastructures, such as the European e-Justice Portal, which provides access to legal information and services across the EU.

In addition, CEF Digital supports projects that promote the uptake of digital technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, in various sectors, including healthcare and energy. It also provides funding and technical assistance to help public administrations, businesses, and citizens adapt to digital transformation and benefit from the opportunities it presents.

Overall, CEF Digital plays a critical role in promoting the digital transformation of Europe and in enabling the delivery of digital public services that are accessible, inclusive, and secure.

Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH has its core competences in the energy, digital infrastructure and transport sector.

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