LIFE Program (EU)

LIFE Programm EU LogoThe LIFE program is the European Union’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. It’s one of the EU’s longest-running funding programs and plays a crucial role in supporting the implementation of EU environmental and climate policies.

The program provides funding for projects across the EU that focus on nature conservation, environmental protection, and climate action. It aims to contribute to the shift towards a more resource-efficient, low-carbon, and climate-resilient economy, while also promoting biodiversity and protecting ecosystems.


The program supports a wide range of projects, including:

  1. Nature conservation projects: These focus on protecting and restoring natural habitats, conserving endangered species, and improving the management of Natura 2000 sites, which are protected areas designated under EU law.
  2. Environmental innovation projects: These support the development and demonstration of innovative technologies, techniques, and approaches for environmental protection, resource efficiency, and circular economy.
  3. Climate action projects: These aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, promote renewable energy sources, and enhance climate resilience in various sectors, including industry, agriculture, transport, and urban development.

The LIFE program operates through two main sub-programs:

  1. LIFE Environment: This sub-program focuses on projects that contribute to the development and implementation of EU environmental policy and legislation, with a particular emphasis on nature conservation, water management, waste management, air quality, and soil protection.
  2. LIFE Climate Action: This sub-program supports projects that contribute to achieving the EU’s climate objectives, including mitigation and adaptation measures, carbon capture and storage, renewable energy deployment, and climate governance.

Overall, the LIFE program plays a vital role in driving environmental and climate action in the EU, supporting innovative projects that contribute to the transition towards a greener, more sustainable future. It helps to leverage additional investments, disseminate best practices, and promote cross-border cooperation and knowledge exchange across Europe.

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