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Construction of a fuel cell pusher boat

Successful grant application for the construction of a fuel cell pusher boat operating with two hydrogen fuel cells and a lithium battery designed for inland river navigation.

HyPush will demonstrate a highly-innovative hydrogen-powered pusher boat for bulk transports in the Paris metropolitan region, with a significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. HyPush combines new technology with an innovative commercial structure:

  • HyPush will introduce hydrogen technology on inland waterways, here a boat for pushing heavy barges in the Paris metropolitan area. This will fully decarbonize bulk transports on the waterways and immediately improve air quality and reduce noise in and around Paris.
  • HyPush will couple the innovative technology with a ground-breaking business model. The applicant, NEoT Green Mobility (NGM), will own the pusher, and remain responsible for the new technology such as fuel cells and power electronics. The end-user will enter into a dry lease agreement without technological risk. This allows to overcome the existing financial barriers slowing down the large-scale roll out of the new technology.

NGM is a spin-off from Electricité de France (EDF), one of the major European utility companies. The project has full and demonstrated support of all stakeholders needed for implementation and scaling-up. CEMEX as global leader in the building materials industry will be the first operator and anchor client. HyPush will eventually replace some 500 boats in France alone, with tangible impact on the country’s GHG footprint. NGM is setting up a special purpose vehicle for the fast ramp-up of production coupled with the innovative business model.